Baltimore – Washington International Airport


AMAC’s (Airport Minority Advisory Council) conference planners were considering Baltimore, among other cities, as the location for its annual event.  BWI wanted to win the bid.  But our city’s crime statistics, as well as a popular TV show, were causing the conference planners to shy away.  (Hey, The Wire deserved its critical acclaim…but it wasn’t helping our city’s tourism at the time.)  Our clients at BWI needed an antidote.  They thought a point-by-point analysis of Baltimore’s many benefits might work.  We agreed on the benefits, but suggested a different angle.

We weren’t just trying to defend; we wanted to “wow.” 

And, to “wow” the audience, we had to appeal to their emotion, not just to the facts.  We used our own, original film footage and music to produce an engaging and exhilarating video highlighting Baltimore’s hidden gems.  You couldn’t watch it and not want to experience Baltimore.  Who won the bid?  BWI, of course.