Our Secret

Want to Know Our Secret?

We don’t mind sharing the secrets that make us who we are,
because we know we’re one-of-a-kind.
No one can do it the greiBO way!

SECRET #1: It starts with one thing: You’re doing something that matters.

Your story is waiting to be told. Your audience desires an experience. You need someone to wrap all those facts and emotions into a brilliant package, and deliver it.   Where do we start? First, we get to know you.   We mean, genuinely understand you. Because you are the secret behind your own story.

SECRET #2: How to create an experience? We have experience with that.

We’ve worked with Disney. Warner Pictures. Columbia Pictures. MCA/Universal. And some of the biggest names in music and film. We’ve created projects for Under Armour. Hewlett Packard. Smithsonian. And many others. Keep reading to find out more about those who lead our company, and our amazing staff.

SECRET #3: We blend strategy with artistry. And cover it all with integrity.

We pour so much wise strategy, straight-up integrity, and artistic energy into your project, that we find our own emotions beginning to swell. What we create actually moves us to tears. Laughter. Exuberance. And we know your audience will feel the same.

SECRET #4: We go beyond above and beyond.

When you first met us, you kind-of knew what you wanted. We unfolded your expectations, and raised the bar a little. Then we raised it again. Now, you’re looking back and thinking, “I never quite visualized this end result, but I love it.”

And that leads us to our final secret: We are thrilled when you are thrilled.

Remember, you’re doing something that matters. So it matters to us, too. We get an adrenaline-rush, knowing we created something that causes others to look, listen, and believe. When your audience gets it, you’re elated—and nothing thrills us more than that.

Just as you are the secret behind your own story
The people in our company are the secret behind ours


Davis is our resident creative genius. His life-long infatuation with music and film, combined with his former career as a policeman, gives him a street-smart understanding of culture, sound, visuals, and logistics. Warner Pictures, Warner Capell Music, Columbia Pictures, MCA/Universal, and Disney have all benefitted from his talents. No matter what size project or challenge you have, he pulls it all together with boundless creative energy.


Shelonda is the brains behind our business. A former electrical engineer with Hewlett Packard, she oversees strategy. She makes sure there’s always good sense behind where you’re headed. She even has a creative eye of her own. The best thing about Shelonda is that her heart is even bigger than her brains. Which means you’ll be working with someone who is not only smart, but who cares deeply about your cause.


Phil is our masterful tech person. Think of him as the guy who ignites the creative energy and brainpower of our team, and then pulls all those flying sparks together into something that actually works. Since he was a kid, he’s had one foot in music, and the other in computers. He figured out the digital media revolution, and can translate all that creative and technical stuff so you understand it…whether you are a musician, a CEO, or anyone in between. That’s why his clients, such as Verizon, Comcast, the Redskins, the FBI, Army, and Navy, love him so much. His brilliant blend of talents is one of our greatest assets.


Esther is an imaginative and passionate creative with over 25 years in event planning, project management, and production. Adept at communication and innovation, her flexibility and out-of-the-box approach creates lasting memories. From community outreach campaigns to management of citywide events, Esther’s detailed approach helps clients exceed their goals. Recent projects include Content and Creative Strategy for the I-83 Speed Camera Campaign, Maryland State Board of Elections Outreach, Design Activations Elements and Media Campaign and Associated Black Charities In-Person Gala.

Esther has the access to make it epic and uses her solutions-oriented team to provide expert strategic consulting and project management. She thrives in delivering unexpected experiences with monumental impact.


Darryl brings unparalleled musical talent to your project. Many of the biggest artists in the industry know and trust him (think Beyonce, Rihanna, and Justin Timberlake, just to name a few). If you want one of the top music producers in the country developing your creative products, you’ve got him. We are honored to have him on our team.


They will seriously dazzle you. But websites are supposed to be brief, and we don’t want to cram a bunch more pictures and copy onto this page. So you’ll just have to meet them yourself!