Tell a story, loaded with history. Cover thousands of details. Include luminaries from long ago, as well as present-day characters. Was this a full-length feature film? It almost felt like it needed to be, but we told the full story in 12 minutes.

The Smithsonian Institution was renovating a major museum. They gave us a tall order – as tall as the building itself!   Tell the full story of the museum’s rebirth. Detail the building’s history. Highlight new wings, a courtyard, and an auditorium. Explain architectural innovations. Showcase works of art. Interview sixteen philanthropists on-camera.

Here in our studios, we put our heads together. We were going for smart, spirited, relevant.   The voices and images of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington added gravity. Our interviews with the living folks brought it all to life. The end result: a 12-minute account that brought the audience to their feet.