Visit Baltimore

We know tourism.  And when it comes to attracting tourists, we’ve learned there’s a bit of a chasm between making someone aware of your destination, and getting them to actually go there.  As Visit Baltimore’s premier multi-cultural tourism resource, we’ve found creative ways to bridge that gap.

For instance, Visit Baltimore wanted to attract large, family groups to Baltimore.  But families generally don’t hold their reunions in urban cities.  We researched and produced not only a reason – but a method – for multi-cultural families to plan their vacations here.  We designed more than the usual colorful guides.  Beyond that, we organized a Baltimore Reunion Expo event, showcasing the best of Baltimore.

We are a company that digs deep into cultural understanding.  So when NAACP began evaluating cities in which to hold its annual convention, we knew what we had to do.  We authentically caught their attention through film and music, and they quickly decided to come to Baltimore in 2017.

We love working in tourism, because it gives us the chance to move people from awareness, to engagement – and that’s no small leap.